Sunday, October 17, 2010

Haunted Houses and Ghouls one day-Opera the Next

One of the requirements for Paul's Humanities class is to attend the Magic Flute. This was the last opera written by Mozart before he passed away. We went to the children's matinee version. It was sort of an introduction to opera for kids and just showcased the highlights. It was only an hour so both kids did really well. If we had taken them to the actual performance I don't think they would have lasted. It was interesting and I would have maybe sort-of wanted to see the whole thing but not totally. This kids did a great job, the costumes were amazing, the actors were very good and my favorite part? The Orchestra. The music was gorgeous. I'm glad that we get to expose the kids to so many different things. We assured Andrew that one day the girls would totally appreciate his exposure to the arts.

After the performance we went to the Museum of Art and the bookstore for football t-shirts and bulk candy. (We are thinking of trying to get cheap tickets for one of the games. They suck so bad this year it shouldn't be hard.)

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rlg said...

Mignonne you look so beautiful! I love the picture of you with Andrew and Emma and Paul's picture is perfect. Emma looks beautiful too. Such a nice family.