Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dang Groundhog!

Will someone please stuff that critter back into it's hole and tell him to try again. Please? 

So, my list of 10 can't miss photos things to represent January turned into 24 pictures. Hmmm, wonder how that happened? I think that this really does represent our January though so I am happy. Maybe I can work harder on taking less pictures in the months to come. Nope, I don't really see that happening.
On a sad note, we can't find my Valentine decorations. We have all of our holiday stuff in plastic bins from Costco on shelves. While they aren't organized very well, we can get to them all and none of them had V-Day stuff in them. Paul was saying that he remembers the love stuff was in a different kind of bin and I'm thinking he is right. I don't know if it fit on our shelves or not so I am thinking that it is buried under our pile of things we are hoping to yard sale. The other place it could be is storage but I really doubt that. I'm ready to brighten things up by busting out the pink and the red.


reayfamily said...

Love your photo pages! Can you teach me how?? I don't like scrapbooking but fear I must leave something for my posterity. I finally bit the bullet and did baby books. But oh so many photos to go!
By the way, how did your lesson go?

MamaBug said...

Hope you find your Valentine's stuff soon!