Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Kiss, A Hug, A Day of Love...

Or an entire weekend.

Friday Paul got home from work early and I got a special delivery. My parents came to watch the kids and we got to start our date night.
We went to an early dinner at Thai Drift. It was delicious and we are both craving more chicken satay.
Then we headed to the movies.
We saw Valentine's Day. It was very cute. I am so glad that we went.
After the movie we went to Chili's for a snack and dessert. We love their molten chocolate cake!
Saturday I worked hard getting everything ready for when the kids got back from Grandma and grandpa's.

This is my first time time making cake balls. I don't think I will be making them again, but they sure were cute.
The candy cups made their appearance per Andrew's request.
Everything is ready.
The kids loved their bouquets.

Emma loved her rose from daddy.
This is our 14th Valentine pizza.

The kids liked the In-N-Out shirts and magic cards we got them.

I love balloons!

Emma made us some origami gifts. I got a heart and Paul got a toothpick holder.
The kids couldn't wait for their sparkling apple cider, and then they wasted most of it.

I threatened to keep all the chocolate for myself.
Emma liked the cake pops. I think she is the only one who did.
My little Valentines.

Tonight we get to start watching the Amazing Race again. We are so excited to have our two favorite family shows back on. I love the time we get to spend as a family laughing, snuggling and cheering for our favorite players. This time we are cheering on Jeff and Jordan. We fell in love with them on Big Brother. I hope they do well and stick around for a while.

Tomorrow we are going to see The Lightning Thief and we will probably go bowling. I love a holiday!


Heidi said...

Oh! Where to start! I love the bouquets of candy and the table looked fantastic! I love cakeballs, but I was the only one in my family that thought they were good. :)

I'm glad the movie was good. I really want to see it, and hoped it would get good reviews!

Helena said...

What a cute family you have!

Kameo said...

Me too! I love this show Joslyn and I want to send in an audition tape so bad. Easier said than done.