Friday, January 29, 2010

Fried Food Fiesta!

I went out earlier today and got everything I needed for Cashew Chicken. It would be the third new recipe this week. (I still need to blog the second one, but it sucked so I'm not in a hurry to share.) 

As the day wore on my motivation left. I did not feel like cooking anymore. I'll take it a step further. After my Thai wrap this afternoon I didn't feel like homemade Chinese. Honestly I didn't want to hear the kids exclaim in horror that there's nuts on their chicken either. See? It just wasn't in the cards. 

It was the perfect Friday for a fried food fiesta. 
This is one of my favorite meals to serve the family. It's fast, it's yummy, no one complains and the edamame makes it a healthy meal. Right? 

I pulled out all the stops. Notice the fine china? The table is fancy, no?

Everyone gets a meal that is customized just for them.

Look how happy they are? 
I followed the meal with a gourmet dessert. Who can resist boiled cookies?
Not me! I don't even wait for them to cool. I just eat the warm goo straight out of a bowl with a spoon. 

No, I don't have PMS.

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CarrieAnn said...

Yummy! Those are my favorite cookies. And yes, I eat them straight out of the bowl as well. There's less guilt because then I don't know how many cookies I ate. :)