Thursday, February 4, 2010

Holy Hormones Batman

Yesterday we were strapped on a roller-coaster of hormones and I never thought the ride would end. Emma cried no less than a dozen times. It was *really* out of control. First she wasn't popular enough, then it was because we had a fence (WTH???), then there were tears over homework, tears because grandma was there, tears when Paul came home from work, tears because her teacher told me she was a really good student and doing great academically, tears because of this & tears because of that. 

You get the idea? Every. Little. Thing. Made. Her. Cry. 

Paul wanted her to know that she is loved and very special to us so he asked if he could take her to lunch. Unlike the birthday lunches I was allowed to come with them this time. We went to Rubio's and it was delicious. We were able to talk rationally (hallelujah) and let her know that she is loved and that we are very grateful to have her. 

I am so glad that today was a better day because yesterday I was ready to lock myself in a closet until she was 18. Please tell me it won't always be like this. 


Heidi said...

I can't make any reassurances, but my mom swears girls get normal again eventually. She has three, so I guess she knows. Mine is only 8 and the hormones are already getting out of control around here. ugh.

MamaBug said...

Uh oh. What am I in store for?

Jill said...

crap. i've got 2 daughters coming up. emma is a sweetie, i'm guessing she's as bamboozled by all of the tears as anyone. good luck my friend!

reayfamily said...'s posts like these that make me thankful for my boys. Not sure I could do the hormonal thing. Best of luck to you!!