Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Lazy Saturday

I knew that Saturday was going to be spent close to home since Paul was going to BYU for a basketball game. I was looking forward to a lazy Saturday. My number one priority was to get my lesson all squared away. After that I wanted to spend time sewing, napping and relaxing.

I really wanted to get this quilt cut out. This new fabric is so yummy. I loved the colors and the patterns. The multi-color rick-rack is just the cutest thing ever. I want to buy yards and yards and bind a ton of quilts in it. LOL!
Slowly but surely I made good progress throughout the day.

Am I the only quilter out there that hates to toss these pretty little scraps?
Emma and I spent some time getting all the blocks figured out. (Yes I am that anal)
I managed to actually sew one block.
I also got the rest of these blocks sewn. I am doing a disappearing 9 patch with these. I'm hoping to have this top finished in the next week.
When Paul left for the game the kids were already pretty bored. I promised to take them up to "the reservoir" to look for rocks. We were pretty surprised at all the snow that was still up there. Shocked actually. It has all melted at our house so we weren't prepared. Emma wore Crocs.

We were glad that there was some ice though. We love trying to get rocks to break through the ice.
It was a gorgeous day.
The ice was thicker than it looked. See our collection of rocks that wouldn't go through?
We crossed over the water to see what else we could find.
Have you ever seen a spider in the snow? It was weird.
It was hard to find pretty rocks so the kids climbed them instead.
I found a few good ones.
The scenery around here is just breathtaking.
I love our view.
It's so fun to live right by this little canyon.
The kids got their hands dirty digging out a big rock that was sure to break through the ice.
Or not.
They were dumbfounded.
We had a lot of fun. I have to admit, I love the area where we live, most of the time.

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Kameo said...

You're amazing I feel like I haven't accomplished a thing all winter. Maybe I'll use this as motivation. They look awesome.