Monday, July 8, 2013

Way Back in May...

I had a birthday. I'm an now 38 years old. I'm pretty sure I'm okay with it. Not much I can do if I'm not though. I don't feel old so that's good.

The best birthday gift a mom can get is a night off from cooking dinner. I picked a newer restaurant that is down in Orem for my birthday meal. I was totally impressed with their customer service and the food was pretty good.

After dinner we headed home for cake and gifts.

I got several books, some money, a gift card so I can have some quilts quilted, chocolate and a .22 revolver. 

My sweet friends brought me these cute gifts. The pretty green bottle had a truffle attached to it and below is a Lindt sea salt chocolate bar. Yum!  

It was a good birthday and I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of my friends and family.

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rlg said...

You are very loved! Especially by me!!!!