Monday, July 8, 2013

All in the Name of Science - Lindt Chocolate Experiment

As I mentioned back in my birthday post my darling friend snuck a bar of Lindt sea salt chocolate into my mailbox for my birthday. I had never really stepped outside of my milk chocolate box. I was excited to taste it even though I knew I didn't like dark chocolate. Well she created a monster. It was so enjoyable! And different. There was a whole new chocolate world that had just opened up to me. I had to try more. Luckily our grocery store was having a sale. 

These were the first four bars that I picked up. The kids and I had a taste testing party while Paul mowed the law. Sea Salt was still my favorite. I love when you get a salty burst in your mouth. If they made milk chocolate with sea salt I might just die of pleasure. Black Currant was fun. I named it my second favorite. It had a very pleasant sweet fruity flavor that went well with the slightly bitter dark chocolate. Intense orange reminded me of the chocolate oranges we get around Christmas but I have to say I prefer the milk chocolate Christmas oranges to the dark chocolate orange bar. The Chili wasn't bad but it wasn't a favorite. It wasn't too spicy which was nice. It was fun to try but I doubt I will buy it again.

The chocolate was still on sale the next time I went to the store. Of course I got more Sea Salt and while I was at it picked up the Roasted Almond and Intense Mint. I loved the almond. It was such a yummy blend of flavors. Emma loved the mint. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious but since she liked it so much more than the almond I let her have it while I ate the others. (To be clear the entire bar is NOT eaten all at once. This is such rich chocolate it is hard to eat more than a few squares at a time.)

I was at Wal Mart looking for a specific candy for family home evening last week and saw that they carried new flavors that my regular grocery store did not carry. In the name of science I just HAD to buy them. 

Passion Fruit was good. I'd buy it again but I don't imagine I'll crave it like I do the Sea Salt. Emma didn't love it. I think there is still some left so that tells you something right there. 

Caramel was really enjoyable. There were crispy chips of caramel AND bits of sea salt all in one bar. Holy moly. I will totally buy that one again.

As great as it was NOTHING could compare to the coconut. Emma and were literally fighting over it. It was gone in no time. We both loved it. We want more. Unfortunately we don't get to Wal Mart as often as the grocery store. Now that I type that I'm thinking maybe it's good thing. I've really been packing on the pounds this year with all the stress so the harder it is to get sweets the better. 

Can you think of a better summer experiment? I can't. I've had so much fun experiencing the different flavors of chocolate and bonding with Emma while doing it. I think there are still some more flavors to try. I'll have to keep you posted ; )

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Emily said...

Lindt used to have a white chocolate coconut that I LOVED. But I think they replaced it with the chocolate one. I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine I'll love it since you can't go wrong with chocolate and coconut.