Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother's Day

Last year we didn't do much for Mother's Day. It was one of those things where I was like, it's stupid, I don't need anything. Then I got to church and heard about all the ladies getting breakfast in bed etc etc. This year I asked for some special treatment but I wanted to make it as easy for everyone as possible. I got my wish. I got breakfast in bed. Plain Chiobani greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and honey. 

I wanted a big A card and I got it.

The kids also got me some chocolate and Paul got me a book from Emily Freeman called Becoming His.

I didn't want to have to fix dinner and I was craving this chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphy's that I never get since I'm the only one that likes it. Sooo I asked for pizza for lunch and that's what I got. On paper plates so there were no dishes. It was magical. I hardly lifted a finger all day.

I've come to realize that with Paul if I know what I want I usually get it (if it's within reason of course) I just have to ask. Some would say there's no fun in having to ask but I personally think it's wonderful. I got exactly what I wanted, including a nap. It was a happy Mother's day.

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rlg said...

I am totally happy you got what you wanted. My day because of you was special too. Thanks!