Monday, July 8, 2013


This cat is so starved for attention. If you're not moving he's trying to get on top of you. Even if it means his head is squished under the edge of the table.

My birthday meant a trip to the DMV. The whole experience was pretty quick and painless (once I got a replacement social security card to prove I'm a legal American) but the new picture is AWFUL! It's super close-up. I think I look very heavy because you can't see my neck, it's just all face. Really scary. 

Uncle Ben in the Texas Roadhouse saddle for his 40th birthday.

In January I bought myself some spring. $10 very well spent.

In January we also got Emma registered for EFY. So exciting!!!

There's a new place in town and it serves Mexican! Emma and I went one night on a mommy daughter date. We got fancy drinks and after dinner we got cupcakes next door. I like that our little town is getting more businesses.

A close-up of the peace offering rose Andrew picked out for Emma.

This is the makings of a quilt like I made my mom but in fresh spring colors. I haven't made a lot of progress, just one block that I used as practice for my mom's quilt. I need to get going on it.

This is what it looks like when Emma and I both get crafty at the same time. It's not pretty.

My mom got me these two scrumptious make-up palates as a treat since things were so rough at the beginning of the year. For the record, things are still really rough.

 I toyed with the idea of going blonde this summer. The idea only lasted a minute. I put my face in a picture of Jennifer Aniston and that was enough of that idea. I'm not meant to be blonde!

Andrew did a country report this year. He chose Mongolia since that is where grandma and grandpa are living right now. They sent us some cool stuff that really helped him with his poster and oral presentation. We left the writing of the report up to him. He did a great job. It was hilariously written. This wasn't ten pages of stats. It was all Andrew telling a story. You'd have to read it to really understand I guess. We were glad his teacher appreciated his approach to such a serious report.

This was suppose to be a postage stamp quilt. It wasn't until I got 60% of the way through that I realized the two jelly rolls weren't actually the same width even though they said they were. Now I have to pick ever seam, trip all the white pieces and sew from there. It will take forever. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. I want to write the manufacturer and complain since it's a design flaw but doubt I will. Still it's very frustrating. 

I was able to get this quilted with my birthday gift card. I LOVE IT!

My cat has a thing for quilt fabric. He likes to deposit as much hair as possible on it.

Emma and I have recently fallen in love with taffy. Coconut is our favorite.

My columbines started blooming in May. I adore these quirky flowers.

We found a quail nest. Unfortunately it was abandoned and a predator ate the eggs a while later. We never got to see the babies.


I am so over having a pet but Andrew loves him.

Jenna's big sister Tori got her mission call and Emma and I were lucky to be there when she opened it. I got to teach Tori in activity days when she was ten or eleven. I am so proud of her and so grateful that we got to share this moment with her and her family. I just love them all. She's going to be serving in El Salvador! This is such an exciting time. I'm grateful for her example.
This could be one of the predators that ate the quail eggs...
We've had a lot of snakes this year.

Paul and I got crafty. We built an earring holder for all of my earrings. It turned out well. I like collaborating on projects with my hubby.

Free tickets to Sound of Music thanks to our Pass of All Passes. Maggie and I need to go soon!

Emma and her friends at the Provo temple for a service project.

That's all for now...

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Holy smokes. So many pictures and so much information. Thanks for sharing I love reading and seeing all the things you do. You are amazing!