Monday, July 8, 2013

American Fork Canyon

Paul has been serving with the YM/Priest for a year now. Last year, right after he was called, there was a Priest/Laurel activity up in the canyon. (That is all the boys and girls ages 16-18 and their leaders) They were suppose to roast hot dogs, make s'mores and play werewolves. The boys were in charge of this activity. It just so happened that the boys brought hot dogs and buns. I think that was it. Wait, I think they had marshmallows and stuff for s'mores but I don't know for sure since I wasn't there. I do know there were no plates. I don't think there were any condiments or anything else. They've been teased about it for the last year. 

They have been planning to go WAY over the top this year to make up for the last fiasco. I was asked to help with table decor. Of course I was excited to. I love working with the youth, I love the canyon and I love planning stuff like this. When Brant's wife (he's the young men's president) went into labor five weeks early I was suddenly in charge of getting everything for the night. I tried to think of every possible need. 

We had blankets, bug spray, candles, flowers, food, condiments, cutting boards, knives, towels, paper towels, plates, utensils, napkins, chips, watermelon and dessert. We had plenty of dinner food but we could have had more chips and chocolate but it was much better than the year before!

Paul, Andrew and I went up into the canyon early and secured a good spot. (Emma had her own activity so she wasn't with us.) Paul left Andrew and I behind so he could go back to the church to pick up some of the kids. Andrew and I set up the food and the tables but it was incredibly windy so we couldn't have the table places set like we had hoped. When everyone arrived they were surprised to see us there and to see everything all set up.

The Spread

One thing we weren't in charge of was the fire. We didn't bring any wood with us. We had matches but that was it. Paul and Andrew tried getting the fire started before Paul left so Andrew could eat but it never got going enough to cook on, until I took charge. After Paul left Andrew was starving and I needed to feed my baby. I got the fire going enough to roast him a weenie. Paul was very impressed that we had fire when he came back with a car load of kids.

My Fire-It may be small but it worked.

My Happy Son

The table decor

The Leaders and some of the Youth

It was a great night. We ate well, played werewolves and had a blast. I think it's time we go back into the canyon again.

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