Monday, June 3, 2013

Off to High School

Thursday May 30th was the last day of school. It was that morning that Emma decided for sure that she wasn't going to go to school. (They do a weird hour of school here where they don't take roll and most kids just go so they can meet up with friends and then loiter around town. It wasn't a big deal that she didn't go. It was a big deal that she decided so late that she wasn't going.) Had I known that she was skipping I would have taken her last day of school pictures the day before. But I didn't know. So I didn't take any pictures. And then she didn't go. And now I don't have any pictures of her last day of Junior High. I feel a little bitter about that. What I do have is a picture from the awards ceremony (that only a handful of moms went to. Oops) and some photos from her 9th grade Lagoon day that she took with her phone. Make do with what you've got!

Emma received a lot of awards. She received an academics award, attendance award, citizenship award all of which qualified her for the Viking on Board award (you need all three to be a Viking on Board) the gold scholar award for maintaining high honor roll all year, a certificate for winning Iron Chef with her team twice, skill certificates in both computer tech and foods plus she completed the 50 book challenge which got her another award. She worked really hard this year and had difficult classes. I was proud of her.

Lagoon Day!

I'm really proud of Emma and her dedication to her school work. She's so excited for next year but nervous too. I can't blame her. The high school is a big scary place!

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rlg said...

She is so darn beautiful. Just love her so much. What a wonderful granddaughter.