Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alpine Days!

Emma qualified for Alpine Days. (Each school in the district sends the top three performers from each event) She was asked to compete in the shot-put of all things! At the beginning of the season I never would have guessed that my baby girl would be able to chuck a heavy metal ball. She was so excited to go and compete. Look! We found cousin Matthew there! Of course their events were at the same exact time. Luckily we could watch both from the top of the hill.

Alpine Days is crazy. There were so many competitors. Poor Emma didn't stand a chance of placing. There were some big burly girls there. One in particular beat our boys shot put record by over five feet LOL. You can't see it but at the end of the pit there is a patch of weeds. They can grow there because no one ever throws it that far. Well guess what, this chick was throwing it into the weeds. It was crazy and humbling. I know it looks sunny and all but it was sooo windy and actually very cold. She didn't perform her best. She actually did much better at the meet before (she threw over three feet further at that meet) but she did well enough. We were just happy she got to go.

Meanwhile this was happening on the track.

Run Matthew!

She threw her last throw and we were out of there.

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