Friday, May 31, 2013

That's it Folks- He's Outta There!

Say goodbye to elementary school! 

On the Left: First Day of School
On the Right: Last Day of School

The obvious differences are the braces and the long hair, otherwise he looks about the same. I do believe he grew at least an inch. Probably more. I can research that.

Even though Andrew graduated from grade school last Thursday he still had several more days of school. It wasn't easy getting him to go. He wanted to skip field day. He begged and pleaded with me. He told one sob story after another about how it was the worst day and that they didn't do anything so he didn't need to be there. My days alone were numbered so I made sure he went.

The dance festival was suppose to be held on Tuesday but due to rain it was cancelled and rescheduled to Wednesday. It was worth the wait. The 6th grade class had an awesome, yet difficult routine (choreographed by my friend Rees!) but they performed it well. I was really proud of Andrew. He's a pretty decent little dancer. 

Sorry about the awful photo but I had to snap this. It was his last day at the bus stop. I've been watching kids wait for the bus for the last nine years. That's all over. He will never ride a bus to or from school again. Milestone. Of course I had to photograph the event. Andrew's last bus ride. (except for field trips of course) 

Obviously I need to teach Andrew to never take his eyes off the camera LOL!

It's still hard to believe that we are finished with Halloween parades, class parties, buses, teacher appreciation etc etc etc. Elementary school has been great but I think we are ALL ready to move on.

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rlg said...

Hard to believe that he will be in junior high.Wow! Great looking young man.