Thursday, June 27, 2013

Registering for High School

I'm not sure how registering works in other areas but here it is sort of intense and CRAZY! 

Sophomores have the lowest priority and are the last class to register. Makes sense. They are given a list of class options weeks in advance. They have to select the class they want, the teacher they want and the time slot they want it in. They are responsible for making sure that they have met all of the credit requirements. No counselor approves their selections. They then have to go online after the other classes have registered to check and see if the classes/teachers/times are available or if the upperclassmen have taken what they need and adjust accordingly. Once you have a plan A you then work on plan B, plan C, plan D etc. Clear as mud? 

Class registration opened on April 11th at exactly 3:00pm. All of the hundred and hundreds of kids go online at the same exact time and try to secure the class schedule that they have so carefully planned for weeks.

Emma had two amazingly awesome older friends come to help her. They advised her on teachers and helped with the process since it was all new. Emma was a total stress case. It was so funny to watch. I have a really great video of her when she realized that she got every class she wanted and the she didn't need any of her backup plans. Too bad I can't get video to work on Blogger. Trust me, it's adorable. She was so relieved and so excited. Her class load next year shouldn't be too bad. I'm hoping that she has a wonderful high school experience. 

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rlg said...

So, blessed to have such wonderful dear friends.