Thursday, June 27, 2013


On April 29th Andrew got his braces. Once again, there was drama.

Andrew was going to get them put on on April 15th. I didn't send him to school that morning. He hung out while I got ready. Right when we were headed out the door I got a call saying I was suppose to be at the ortho over an hour ago. Now I know that there is absolutely no way that this was the case (it would have been impossible for us to be there when they said we should have been) but something got mixed up, I didn't want to fight, so we couldn't do braces that day. He went back to school worried that kids would think he was a liar since he didn't have his braces on.

Finally the day came. It seemed like it took FOREVER to get them on. The appointment went through lunch. It was a bit crazy. That night he was pretty sad. His cheeks were sliced. His teeth tender. He was a mess for a good week if not more. He wanted to stay home from school for DAYS. We had to take him back to get some pokey wires clipped. He got more wax and finally things got a bit better. We're already noticing a difference in his teeth. It's pretty exciting stuff. I'm so grateful that we have been able to get both kids' mouths taken care of. It's such a blessing.