Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen Living

Emma took a class in school called teen living. They covered all sorts of things that would come up in a teens life and even into adulthood. They talked about peer pressure, dating, babies and even had a mock wedding ceremony. She enjoyed the class and felt it was helpful for her. It helped her deal with the loss of her classmate and some of the other trials that a teen girl can have.

During the class they are given flour sack babies that they have to carry for a week. After that they received a mechanical baby for a weekend that cried, needed feeding, diapering, burping and rocking.

Emma really liked her flour sack.

Emma really hated her mechanical baby. It was so incredibly needy. Keep in mind that the teacher that programed these babies has never had children. She relied on Google to get her information on how a baby behaves. Do I sound judgmental? I should because I'm judging.

Paul had to help her feed it while she was getting ready for church. If we sat it down and let it cry it would be considered a missed need and it would effect her score.

I then got to burp it.

Emma went to church with wet hair but her baby was fed, burped and diapered.

Evil baby!

In 3 days it ate over 44 times (If I'm remembering correctly) Each feeding lasted 30 minutes and then required 20 minutes of burping. AFTER EACH AND EVERY FEEDING! It would need diaper changes constantly and cried off and on all throughout the night. Now I'm no expert but I did have two babies. This was out. of. control.

At the end of the weekend Emma was an emotional wreck. This is her late Sunday night, in tears and DONE. I think she was hoping I would say, "go sleep baby. I've got this." but that never happened.

She was so sleep deprived it wasn't even funny. Did I mention that all of this took place during finals week. Lovely! In the end she got an excellent score and has vowed to never have children.

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rlg said...

So cute and too funny. Love the faces. Hopefully, she will be a mommy some day. She'll make a wonderful one when the time is right.