Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Break

We did not get to go anywhere for spring break. We did get to chicken-sit for our neighbors who went to San Diego. Emma loved it and did a great job. We went and visited them many times each day taking them veggies and collecting eggs. Each time we would hear one lay an egg she would head right over to fetch it. It was a good experience for all of us.

This is Princess. She lays the little eggs. They're so cute!

On Friday we took the kids to Lowes Extreme Air Sports in Provo. I actually spent part of my time in Provo at the social security office getting a copy of my card so I could renew my drivers license. That was fun, not! Anyway the kids had a lot of fun jumping and flipping all around.

Spring took it's sweet time coming this year. Our daffodils opened right during spring break.

The fruits of Emma's labors. Aren't they pretty?

They tasted good too! This was our brunch one day.

I tried to make spring break fun for the kids by doing things that I don't normally do, like buy a half dozen cupcakes from Cravings. This cupcake right here was marvelous!

We had a lot of fun trying the different flavors,

The one with the strawberry was so good I may have gone back a couple of days later to get another one. While I was there I saw a maple bacon cupcake that I had never seen before. I decided to get it for fun. It was delicious, until you got to the bacon. Bacon has no business being on a cupcake.

I also cooked some dinners that I don't cook very often because they are time consuming. We had steak street tacos and Rumbi bowls but I don't have pictures of those. It was sad that we didn't go anywhere but it was also nice to be so relaxed for a week. I got a lot accomplished in my week off. We need more of them!

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