Thursday, May 23, 2013

6th Grade Graduation

Today Andrew graduated from 6th grade. Next year he goes into junior high. My oh my how time flies. I didn't cry at all until the slide show. They flashed a baby picture and then their current school picture. I can't believe how fast he grew up. He was 6 months old in his baby picture and just so so cute! Now he's a handsome young man. 

The graduation theme that the students selected was...mustaches. Say what? Mustaches? Yep! 

I have to admit I thought it was super lame BUT given what the team had to work with it turned out to be amazing! I was blown away by all the work these ladies did and the attention to detail. Everything was so cute! They had stache bags. They had mustache cookies that were delicious. They had props for fun photo ops. They had balloons. They had everything! 

Here are some pictures of the graduate.

 Andrew with one of his best buds.

These are all the kids from our ward/neighborhood.

The amazing Jordan with Andrew.

Jordan, Andrew and Parker. These three boys are THE best.

His teacher.

Another of his besties. 

Darling Beth who ALWAYS knows how to throw a party!

Beth and Jill (AKA Jordan's mom whom I ADORE)

I had to get in on this action.

This is Andrew with C. one of my college roommates daughters who now lives right near us. Small world. I seriously wouldn't be shocked if these two end up married LOL!

We had to get a picture with Mr. Hadley. He is so so so freaking awesome. The best high councilman ever. We miss not seeing him in our ward on Sundays. At lease Andrew got to see him everyday even if we didn't but now that's all coming to and end. So sad.

After graduation we were allowed to take the kids to lunch. Andrew asked for jDawgs.

Jordan and Parker met us there. I seriously love them.

   Some of the silly signs inside of JDawgs.

 After lunch we took Andrew back to school for a dance. I couldn't help myself, I needed some more pictures. It was so crowded immediately following the graduation I couldn't get to the props. This was my chance. Two of Andrew's classmates were there and they were more than happy to help dress him up and get in on the action.

Congratulations buddy. We're proud of you!!!

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rlg said...

What an adorable and handsome young man. It was a wonderful graduation and such a joy to be able to be there to see Andrew. Such cute pictures! Just love that boy.