Friday, May 17, 2013

What I did During Spring Break

I made my mom this!

I shopped online and found all the fabric I needed. I love it when the seller takes time to make it cute!

I planned color combos, I cut everything, I sewed like a mad woman and I ironed and ironed. 

 Then I cut some more. And sewed more. And ironed more.

At this point I was really getting excited because the hard part was done and my vision had come to life!

Marius watched the entire time and even contributed some hair to the project. Gross!

The top was done. Now I just needed my backing fabric to come from Alaska. It was taking forever! I wasn't sure I was going to get everything finished in time. I was tracking the package daily and it just wasn't moving. Finally it got to Anchorage then things started to happen, but they weren't all good. It said the package had been delivered to me but I didn't have it. I panicked. I cried. It prayed. Apparently it was delivered to the wrong house. This kind stranger came and put the package in our mailbox on Sunday. But they didn't tell us, they just dropped it off. My cute, faithful, son felt like he should look in the box even though we all know mail doesn't come on Sunday.  There it was. I was humbled. 

Off to the quilter it goes. This is how it returns. So beautiful!!!

I got the binding on in two days.

Wrapped her up and waited and waited until Mother's Day. We invited my parents over Saturday so we could fix the Rumbi bowls for dinner.

I was so excited to give it to my mom that I couldn't even wait until after dinner. She cried. If she hadn't I would have been very disappointed. But she did. I LOVE THIS QUILT! I loved making it knowing it was for my mom. The squares are Granny Squares. It was perfect for her. 

Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you!


Shawna and Daniel Bates said...

WOW it looks amazing :) You are so talented!!

rlg said...

No one could have been happier than me to be the honored recpient of such a treasured and beautiful gift. I've always seen you gorgeous quilts but never imagined that I would get one as a gift. Thank you so very much Mignonne, I truly will treasure it forever! I love you so much. I thank you for all the time, effort and creativity that went into its making. Thank you!