Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 2013

As I've mentioned a million and one times 2013 has been a really hard year. April was no exception. Just when we thought things were getting better with Paul's job we got more bad news. Unfortunately things are still difficult but our fate will be determined this coming Tuesday. Deep breath.

April was an eventful month. We had a lot of life changing events. Some highs. Some lows. It whizzed right by. April consisted of spring break, birthdays, braces, anniversary, electronic baby, sleep depravation, flour sack baby, chicken sitting, cupcakes, track meets, quilting, a trip to the DMV to renew my license and of course church callings etc. etc. Here are the highlights.

Clockwise from Top left-Andrew got his braces on the 29th. Andrew turned 12 and was ordained to the office of a deacon. We got to do it at our home so we could FaceTime with David and Nancy in Mongolia. Andrew celebrated his 12th birthday but of course it wasn't without drama. He injured himself that day and was grumpy and in pain all day long. Paul's brother Ben came for a week of applicating in Utah. While he was here we celebrated his 40th birthday by going out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Emma had an electronic baby for her teen living class. It was awful. That baby put her through hell. Emma registered for high school, her sophomore year, with the help of two older friends. She got all the classes she wanted. Paul and I celebrated 17 years of marriage by going out to dinner.

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