Saturday, April 27, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter this year. We headed up to my parent's house on Saturday. They took us out for a fabulous dinner at Maddox Ranch House as a belated Christmas gift. The kids had never eaten at the restaurant, only the drive in, so it was a lot of fun for them too. The food was so good. We really love it there even if it isn't peach pie season. We spent the night Saturday night and got to sleep in because my parents have 1:00pm church. It was awesome! We got up, got ready and then searched for Easter baskets. 

The bunny even brought goodies for Paul and I. It was exactly what I needed!

Before heading out for church we took some family pictures for just the four of us since my dad was already gone.

Of course I wanted one with my Pablo.

After church we took a bunch of group shots. Believe it or not my dad was the least cooperative. He couldn't understand why I took soooo many. 

And so many different groupings.

 Just when he thought he was done I suggested one more with them and me. I don't think he was amused but I certainly was!

Dinner was really good. We had all of our favorites. I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture. I suddenly have a hankerin' for some spinach dip. 

This big bunny Godiva chocolate makes me pretty much ecstatic. 

After dinner Emma and Andrew dyed some eggs. We were a little late but it was the only time we had time for it.

Some phone pictures to add to the mix.

The Eater bunny went more for quality this year rather than quantity. Thanks Target for carrying all the good brands of chocolate.

I made what is perhaps the ugliest plate of deviled eggs ever. They were way too salty too but I refuse to take credit for that.

Our placemats.

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