Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lovely, Lovely Boston!

On our first full day in Boston we took the kids to Harvard. Emma wants to go to school there. We've told her to work very very hard now that she is technically in high school and to start figuring out how she'll pay for tuition. LOL! It was fun being on campus. It's just gorgeous. 

She looks like she belongs right? ; ) 

We like all the unique (to us) eateries that they have. Last time I was there we had some awesome frozen yogurt. This time we tried ice cream. 

Can you imagine walking into this door each day. I'd die, it's so beautiful!

The Charles River

My life won't be complete until I row something on this river! 

Faneuil Hall

Aren't they cute?!? I love this picture. 

Each time I see Quincy Market I think mmmm, lobster rolls. 

Emma wanted a picture here since I had gotten one the last time I was there. Right when she saw it she recognized it. I love cheesy photo opportunities. 

Of course I wanted an updated shot.

You have to squish a penny!

Right after we were done at Quincy Market it started to rain. It was really really raining but we had already made our duck boat reservations so we had to make the best of it. Please note that I had carried my umbrella all around town the night before and never felt a drop so of course I opted to leave it in the room that moring. What can you do?

I was good to be in a dry duck boat.

Each of the kids got to drive the boat while we were on the water. 

One of our few family pictures from the trip. 

Here is another boat getting ready to get back to dry ground.

The view of the Garden from the train stop.

Goofing around to pass the time while we wait for the train.

We had to swing into Panera for treats after a long day. We decided that we really love Panera. 

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