Thursday, August 16, 2012

July 26th Day 3 NYC

This was a pretty hard day. We were tired and it was very hot. Probably ten degrees hotter than the day before. We took the kids to Grand Central Station for some treats. We can't remember where we ate or what we ate that day. I'll have to check with Paul. Okay we ate pizza again, treats from Magnolia Bakery, soda from an air conditioned Baja Fresh and then Subway sandwiches for dinner. It wasn't fancy but it worked.

After Grand Central we walked around and shopped up and down 5th Ave.

I'm so glad that my "baby" girl still wanted to go into American Girl. It was a fantastic store and I got to see a younger version Emma while we were there.

Even the bathrooms were cute!

She bought a New York exclusive for Coconut while we were there. 

After that we made our way to Rockefeller Center and got more treats from Bouchon Bakery. We didn't know if we would have the time for Top of the Rock or not so we didn't even try. I was very disappointed by that. It was something I wanted to do last time but it was too stormy and cloudy. I really thought we would do it this time. Bummer. We walked over to St. Patrick's Cathedral which is still under MAJOR construction. They even had scaffolding on the inside. 

After we decided to leave the Rockefeller area we were undecided on what to do. We didn't have a lot of time since we had a show to go to that night. Andrew was determined to go back to FAO Schwarz to get a stupid magic trick. Emma and I were just done. We were melting and wilting and fading fast. 

We all rode the subway back to the stop by our hotel but Andrew wouldn't give up. He wanted to go back and this was his last chance. We stood arguing in a sweltering hot, smelling, underground subway terminal with zero air flow. I was sweating everywhere!

Paul decided to send us back to our room while he took Andrew to the store. Emma and I cranked the air and rested in the room while they boys made their way back up during rush hour. It was so busy that they couldn't even get back on the subway to get back down to us. 

Their only option was to walk the whole way from uptown to midtown in the awful heat and humidity. We were quickly running out of time so they picked up the Subway sandwiches on their walk back. They were NOT happy when they returned. Andrew was disappointed in his toy and he was exhausted from the heat and speed walking. 

See the difference in the two pictures above? It was so hot and muggy that my camera lens was fogged over when I took the first picture. It was pretty awful.

We made our way to the theater for Spider-Man Turn off the Dark. What a unique experience. It was so fun and so high energy. It was a polar opposite experience from the night before at Phantom. We all really enjoyed it but I don't know if I would say it is a must see.

Here are just a few pictures on our way back to our room that night. It rained big time while we were in the theater so we were puddle jumping and sweating all at the same time LOL! It was our last night in New York. We were trying to leave early the next morning so we spent quite a bit of time shopping around all the crap-tacular stores looking for last minute souvenirs. I was ready to say good-bye to New York. It was awesome and wonderful but way too busy and hot in the summer. I think if we go again it we will try to go in December. 

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