Friday, August 3, 2012

July 25th-Day Two in NYC

We were suppose to go to the World Trade Center Memorial at 11:00 am on our first full day in the city. As it turns out we slept in until 10:30. Darn that east coast time. We blew off our reservations and headed to B&H photo to see if I could get help with my camera. Paul and Andrew stopped for a slider at White Castle and Emma and I went on to the store. 

I was told that by the girl at the info center that they do not do repairs but I marched my butt up to the DSLR area anyway to see if someone could do something. I figured, worst case scenario I would jut use my money I had been saving for the trip to buy a new camera body. A very nice young man called me to the counter. When I explained my problem he said they couldn't help me, they don't do repairs. When I asked, "what do YOU think is wrong?" I think he took it as a challenge to figure it out. He did a few things (nothing that different from what I had done the night before and that morning) but something happened. He said, "It seems to be working." I told him I could kiss him on the mouth, but I wouldn't. He saved me almost five hundred dollars! 

When we met back up with Paul and Andrew I told them it was fixed and Andrew said, "I said a prayer." I totally believe this was a tender mercy/miracle. I am so thankful that he was able to get my camera working again.

These are two pictures he took while messing around with my camera. I'm keeping them as a reminder of this answered prayer.

We caught a subway and headed down to lower Manhattan so we could ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. Liberty Island is open to tourists but the statue is not so we opted to save some time and money by riding on the free ferry. I thought it was a great option all things considered but if this is your first time going I recommend going to Liberty Island. We saved time by not dealing with security, summer crowds etc. but I really don't feel like we got as many photo ops. If there hadn't been so much construction on the island I would have totally pushed for that but like I said, all things considered this was our best option. It was faster but NOT as fast as I thought it would be. We got stuck on Staten Island for quite a while waiting for a ferry to take us back. The terminal and the ferry was very crowded with other frugal tourists so it was hard to get any good pictures. At least the kids can say they've seen her.

The new Freedom Tower

Ellis Island

Lady Liberty

Sad pictures of the kids with the statue and some old man's head. 

Cool Boat

Another Ferry

On the way back to Manhattan

It's just a little windy.

After we were done on the ferry the kids asked to see Wall St. and the bull. We found a dirty water weenie vendor and had a quick lunch in Battery Park. We also stopped along the way because there was a nice young man would let you take pictures with his snakes for a small fee ; ) Andrew was all over that!

Don't be scared, he just wants a kiss.

Now we should probably discourage this type of behavior but we just aren't that type of parent. Yes we let our kids sit under and grab the bull by the balls. Part of me thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves the other part of me laughs when I look at these pictures. I think some day Emma will regret it. Andrew never will. 

After looking at the New York Stock Exchange and a few other cool things we headed to FAO Schwarz. 

Emma was so sad that the Harry Potter section of the store was gone that she couldn't even play the giant piano. Andrew said it was lame since there were so many kids playing on it at the same time he couldn't even hear himself.

Cool Batman Lego

Are we sure Brandon is in Massachusetts? I think he may be a soldier at the toy store. (Not really but you have to admit there is a resemblance) 

Of course we stopped by the Apple Store. It was crawling with people so I found a bench and enjoyed the free wi-fi.

We got back to our hotel, changed, got food at Baja Fresh and then headed to the Majestic to see The Phantom of the Opera. Paul and I had seen it in San Francisco (15 years ago!) but the kids had only seen the high school and movie versions. There aren't words. We loved it. It was phenomenal. 

We were so excited! 

The chandelier

New York is not my favorite place (especially in the summer) but the theater experience can NOT be matched. The crowds, the heat, the stink of hot garbage on the street, the miles walked around the city and subway tunnels and the sweat I sweated was all worth it once that incredible music started. We are so fortunate to have had this experience.

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What a wonderful experience your family got to share. Beautiful pictures of all of you. Love it!