Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 7th 2011

I was asked by my friend Karen, who is the young women's president at church, to help out at the Back to School Bash. This was a combined (boys and girls ages 12-18) youth activity. She needed someone to come and take pictures of the kids with photo-booth props. She had made a ton of lips, mustaches, a cute ruffled backdrop plus she had several hats and I brought a pink feather boa.

I was more than willing to help but honestly I was really skeptical. I mean come on, how willing would the youth be to cheese it up for the camera? I was shocked, they were totally willing! They had a great time.

Some of the girls I'm friends with were begging me to post the pictures on Facebook as soon as I could so they could see them. Once I got them up they were commenting on the pictures, tagging everyone, many made them their profile pictures and a lot of the girls thanked me over and over. I even made some new Facebook friends from this event. The kids seriously loved this! I'm so glad Karen had this great idea.

Since then the youth have been so friendly with me. It was a total bonding experience. I saw one girl from the activity at Taco Amigo yesterday. I really don't know her that well and truthfully always thought of her as the too cool to talk to an adult kind. That was a misjudgment on my part for sure! She was at lunch with her friends so I thought I would save her the embarrassment and not acknowledge her. (I have been told by Emma if I see a teen I know out with their friends I shouldn't talk to them) Well she yelled out very excitedly, "Hey Mignonne!"I went over and said hello then explained how Emma had warned me not to talk to teens with their friends. She laughed and said "You can always come talk to me!" She was so warm and sincere too. It made my day. We have some super amazing youth in our ward. The more I work with them the more I love them.

I absolutely adore this picture of Kayla! I called her mom and said "buy that girl a hat!" She was working it. 

I love love love me some Jenna. 

The wonderful and amazing Rachel and Kayla

Super Suave Ben

Beautiful Becca

The Charismatic Chandler

We got over 200 pictures that night! I was amazed at how many of the boys fancied the pink feather boa. I totally have some blackmail material after that night. Bwahahahah. (That's my evil laugh)

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rlg said...

Fun activity and adorable pictures, espcially of one young girl. Guess who I'm thinking of?