Friday, September 30, 2011

Emma Turns 13 and Gets Kidnapped!!!

Friday night we kept getting emails alerts from our home phone letting us know that someone was calling and hanging up without leaving a message on our voice mail. It was an odd number we didn't recognize. After several alerts we were starting to get really curious about it.

We went home for a few minutes after the carnival and before the game to gather some stuff up. While we were home we got a phone call. The number on the caller ID was the same one from the email/text alerts.

When I answered it someone addressed me by Sister G. (Okay so it's someone from church) is a quiet, oddly sneaky, voice. It was weird! Right at the same time  they were speaking Emma picked up. The line went silent. I asked Emma to hang up and then demanded "Who is this?" They asked me, "Is Emma still on the line?" I said no and asked again who I was talking to. (We've had problems with a certain girl at Emma's school and at this point I was getting really worried that she was saying stuff or telling lies about Emma.) I felt my face flush thinking the worst.

Thankfully after she was sure Emma wasn't on the line she identified herself. It was Emma's friend Katie!
She informed me that she and four other girls wanted to kidnap Emma the next morning. I was so relieved and excited for Emma. I told them they were welcome to come and kidnap her!

The next morning right before 8:00 am I hear them knock quietly on the front door. I let them in so they could sneak into Emma's room. She was sound asleep but it didn't take long before the giggles woke her up. She sat up dazed and confused. Shae started to blindfold her while the others watched and helped. Emma was grinning the entire time.

After they got her blindfolded they took her to the "getaway car" where they drove her to Shea's house. 

They left me some streamers and asked me to put them all over her room while they were gone. I had no idea when they would come back so I had to hurry. 

They returned her just in time for her volleyball game looking like this! That right there is one happy girl.

They had made a huge banner for her, gave her sweet and thoughtful gifts, balloons and had a Shea's family had made a crepe breakfast for her. It was perfect! I can't thank them all enough. 

She was so excited by it all. She felt very loved by her wonderful friends. They are an amazing bunch and I feel so lucky to have them in her life. I hope they remain friends forever. She had a giant grin on her face all morning.  

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rlg said...

So much fun for Emma. So thankful that her birthday was such a special day for her. She is a jewel and deserves happiness. Hard to believe she is a teenager! Wow.