Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday was so much stinkin' fun! First Paul and I went and checked Emma out of school for a special birthday lunch. She wanted to go to Zupa's so that's where we went. It was sooo incredibly crowded. We got our meal and fortunately a place to sit. (I had my doubts we would find a table) Everything was delicious.

After that we headed home for a while and waited for the elementary school carnival. When it was close to time we went to Andrew's school and tried to check him out. When he came to the office he said he wanted to stay in class. We said that was fine just DON'T GET ON THE BUS! He didn't.

We went out and helped set up the Bake Sale booth. Emma was a great helper. Once the carnival got started the kids played for about an hour.

I loved Kyle's colored hair. 

The kids decided to use the last of their tickets to get their hair sprayed blue and the faces painted. 

We hurried out of the carnival so we could make it to the BYU game. Here we are walking into the stadium with 65,000 of our best friends. 

The kids were pretty excited. It had been a while since they had been to a game. 


My number one priority? COUGAR TAIL! 

We sat next to some really fun people. We were near the band. The weather was perfection. It was the perfect night. The kids did so well. I wish every Friday could be so great. It was just fun. Good clean, family memories, awesome fun.

 It was a really fun game to watch and it didn't hurt that BYU came away with the win. 

We killed as much time as we could after the game in the stadium waiting for the traffic to thin. Finally it was time to leave but there were still a ton of cars trying to get out of the lot we were parked in. We heard some drummers from the band and decided to kill more time with them. This kid was SO nice. I wanted to take him home. He was an amazing drummer. He asked Andrew if he'd like to try his drums. Andrew got to go to town on his set. He has some rhythm. I was really impressed. I can't wait until he starts drums in a couple of years. I think he could be really good. They jammed together for a little while and it actually sounded great. 

Of course Emma wanted a chance. She was much more timid than her brother. She doesn't have the same musical drive that he has and that's okay. She still had fun. 

It was getting late, we knew we had to leave but we didn't want to. There's always time for one more picture. 


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rlg said...

You really are blessed to have such a wonderful family. So happy for you. Beautiful, beautiful family.