Sunday, September 18, 2011

BYU vs. Utah 2011

Paul and I were very lucky to get tickets to the BYU/Utah game this year. We were so excited about being able to go to this game. I have to be honest, going in I wasn't feeling a win (Did you know I'm a little bit psychic? LOL) but I had no idea we were going to be slaughtered. It didn't matter. We were just excited to go and to tailgate for the first time ever! It was so much fun. 

Paul was really excited to try out his little birthday grill. We met David and Nancy halfway to the stadium so we could drive over together. After meeting up we made the slow trek through traffic to the field where we parked. We set up camp, grilled burgers and ate before heading into the stadium for the game. 

Look how cute the grill is.

Nancy brought potato salad and peach crisp. We also had chips and soda. We had everything you could want. We loved tailgating. It's fun to be surrounded by other fans while letting the anticipation and excitement build.

We got to the stadium with some time to spare. We got to see the band enter and then we climbed up to our seats. 

Check out all the people carrying that ginormous flag! 

Isn't that flag gorgeous!?! 

They even had some fireworks. It was a perfect night. The weather couldn't have been better. 

I love the grand entrance they do for the players. It's so exciting. 

Here's the kick off. This is where everything started going wrong. Very wrong. Very very wrong!

It was the most pathetic game we have ever seen. BYU played seriously bad. Awful really. Oh well, we still had a blast. We are so glad we got to go.

We decided to stay until the bitter end. Most people left early. Surprisingly early. We knew there would be wicked traffic so we weren't in any hurry to leave. We stayed and played making sad faces and taking pictures. 

It was a sad night for cougar fans everywhere but there's always next year. Or the next. Or the next...

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rlg said...

Always love your pictures and comments. That truly is a huge flag. Very Beautiful. Sorry you lost but glad you had fun with your Paul.