Monday, March 18, 2013


I've started sewing again. Paul and my mom got me a new machine for Christmas. It has made quilting a lot better. I'm trying to finish up some project that I've had laying around for...well...years. I'm happy with this (mostly) but I really wish that the border fabric had been one of the brighter bolder colors. Once I get the dark pink binding on it will be much better. I think. The back is pieced and will be quite adorable. Emma consulted on this as I went along. I can't wait to get it quilted. 

I have a Christmas quilt that is super easy that I'm hoping to finish this week. I'm also working on a granny square quilt but it's causing me headaches. I'm hoping my friend can help me with that one. Now I just need to find a job so I can get all of these babies quilted. Ha! 

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rlg said...

The quilt is beautiful and I think it will look amazing with the pink border. You are good!