Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

Paul went on a second trip for work just about a week after returning from his other trip. When he booked his plane tickets I begged him to make sure he would be home for St. Patrick's Day. I couldn't imagine celebrating without him. He made it back on the afternoon of the 16th. Whew, just in time.

One of Andrew's favorite things is coming home from school and seeing the table all decorated for Valentine's or St. Patrick's Day. With St. Pat's being on a Sunday this year making that surprise happen was a little more difficult. We had to skip Sunday School so we could decorate and surprise the kids.

The morning started with a nutritious breakfast. A leprechaun even turned the milk green.

This is what happened during the second hour of church. The table got covered in all things green and gold. 

This goofy frog even joined in on the fun.

Like my new glasses?

Since it took days for my Valentine's cupcakes to get eaten I decided to make green cookies for dessert instead. Everyone loved them! They are almost all gone. As a matter of fact they may just be my dinner tonight. Here is a link to the recipe.  Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies I got my recipe from a friend that put it in our ward cookbook but this link goes to the same recipe. I do roll my dough balls in finely chopped pecans and I didn't dye my filling green. But I should have. 

Since none of us eat corned beef we opted for the "green" chicken. It's a creamy pesto pasta dish. Of course we had green rolls as well. Do you like how I'm so classy that I serve it right from the pan?

We couldn't have a picture like this if Paul hadn't been here.

The hat seems a little too small Paul.

Yes, I really really liked these cookies.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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