Monday, March 18, 2013


Our friends Ariel and Brant introduced us to the game of Munchkins last fall. We've spent many a late night playing together. We ended up getting a game of our own to play with the kids. In the game you can get different cards that give you extra power for battles. One of the cards you can get is the Horny Helmet. There is a lot of history with this card. (Once Paul swore on it during a game of Werewolves. Later it was discovered that he lied! Oh the horror. Since then no one WITH the horny helmet has EVER won one of our games. He cursed it.)  We decided it would be hilarious to go to the party store and pick up our own Horny Helmet. We knew our friends would love it! Emma is the reigning champ in our house so she got to wear it during the game. She wears it well. (It was so good to see her smiling and happy. Thanks friends.)

The game was intense.  I tired to distract them with chips and salsa but it didn't work. In the end Ariel was the winner. 

Brant totally thought he had it but he was so WRONG! Emma handed over the helmet and crowned Ariel the winner.

Brant pouted.

We need a rematch. That helmet totally belongs on my head. 

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