Friday, April 26, 2013

March 2013

March was another hard month for our family. It had some highlights but I pretty much think 2013 sucks rocks. I'm so so so hoping and praying that it gets better soon. We are still very blessed, but dang, we could use some carefree happy days.

Clockwise from the Top Left: Our St. Patrick's Day family photo, our Easter family photo, Andrew giving Emma a peace offering rose (He wanted to start being nicer to her. It worked for a little while.) , the kids on Easter, Emma and Jenna at a track meet, Emma throwing the shot put and Emma and Andrew at another track meet.

Here are some honorable mentions for the month of March ; )

These two had track practice every Tuesday-Friday. I felt like I drove to and from that school approximately a million times a week. 

Andrew had an epic game of Munchkins. He had so much armor/gear/weapons it was crazy. his fighting power was a 30. Unheard of!

We had a Relief Sole-ciety birthday dinner at church to celebrate the Relief Society's birthday. We had pizza, balloons, cake and ice cream. The turn-out was wonderful and we all had a really good time. These are the cute centerpieces that we on the tables. (Of course there was a ballon bouquet floating above) Since our theme was a play on the shoe theme (hard to explain) we had sisters make the little paper shoes at our visiting teaching conference the month before to deliver as invitations. They stuffed candy and the info into them. It was fun to be able to use some on the tables. The biggest hit of the night was the game where we had to guess sisters from baby/toddler/teen photos. It was a riot.

Yes I found myself in another skit. With shoes on my hands. About visiting teaching. Sigh!

I brought home one of the balloon bouquets for Andrew to shoot at. They were a little rubbery and the plastic BB's were bouncing off hitting ME so I told him to stop shooting them. He threw knives at them instead. I don't really understand boys...

The day after the Relief Society dinner Paul left again for a trip. He was in Pennsylvania for a little while. I kept myself occupied with this happy stack of fabric. The first block was a practice block (I was so scared to try this!) but it ended up going together really well. Now I need to really get down to business. I have everything cut and bundled into the color combos I want. Now I just need to get busy sewing them all together. Hopefully I will get it finished sometime soon but without money to have it quilted it's hard to be motivated.

It lined up quite well if I do say so myself.

 This is a soup recipe that I found on Pinterest. Here's a link if you're interested. It was good. Not great but good. I don't totally love ground beef soups though and mine came out really dry. I should have bought more beef broth. I may or may not make it again. It was hearty! 

While I was digging through and using a lot of my quilting crap Emma decided to sew a project for math, yes math. It was "quilt" for pi day showing that there is no pattern in pi. I texted Paul this picture during his trip and said, "this house isn't big enough for one quilter let alone two!" 

My mom eased my sorrows of being away from Paul with this fun treat. They came in the mail while he was gone and it was just the boost I needed. I love them! Especially the Glinda palate. 

I spent way too may days like this. Face-timing Paul. I missed him.

Andrew and I went through the car wash together and finally got all of winter removed. Good riddance. 

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