Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day 2012

We had a great, traditional (for us!), St. Patrick's Day this year. I was a little worried about how things would go with it falling on a Saturday but it was perfect. We had a green dinner with pesto pasta with grilled chicken, green jell-o, green rolls, asparagus, green cupcakes, green rice crispy treats and of course a bunch of green candy for the table. We also took a bunch of silly and unflattering pictures. (Most of which I will not be posting!) 

I caught Paul taking pictures of the balloons with his phone while sitting on the table. I thought he looked so cute I made him freeze so I could remember it forever. 

I'm getting a little better and the swirly frosting on cupcakes. Too bad Paul doesn't like that much frosting. It sure goes on fast so I'll probably keep doing it anyway.

My darling babies. I love them.

I told Emma I think green is her color. She was green all the way down to the green rubber bands on her braces and green eye shadow. I thought she looked beautiful.

I found these straws at Target. Aren't they a riot?

Andrew was done with pictures but I wanted some with my precious baby girl. Who knows how much longer she'll allow this.

I even surprised her with a kiss, leaving lips marks and all, because I love her!

I'm thankful Paul is so willing to play along!

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rlg said...

I just love your pictures. You and your family are so cute. I love the pictures of you and Emma! You two are so beautiful. So very very pretty.