Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Emma is Running Track!

When Emma was in 7th grade she went to the first day of track but her heart wasn't in it. I found out when I picked her up that she hadn't even changed out of her jeans or school shoes. She spent the whole hour running in jeans and probably sandals or flip flops. Little turkey! 

(Here's the Team!)

An older friend of hers told her she should have stayed with it, that the first week is the hardest and that the PE teachers/coaches take it easier on you when you run track since they know how hard you are working after school.
(You can tell she's totally nervous because she is biting her nails. Note to self, buy her smaller/tighter clothes to run in!)

I believe she has taken this entire last year to talk herself into doing it! This time she said she was going to go and she wasn't going to quit, no matter what. I'm proud of her for sticking with it and for recruiting three friends to do it with her!

(Preparing for her first race ever!)

Emma is the girl who spent the first six months of life in casts and the next six months in special shoes to straighten her feet/ankles. I didn't know if she would ever walk right much less do ballroom dance, play basketball or run. To say I'm a proud mama is an understatement. I'm a thrilled she is doing this. 

(Heading back for the next race)

It has been hard for her. She doesn't always respond well to challenges because so many things come so easily for her. She isn't sure she ever wants to do it again but I hope she does. I think she could really learn to enjoy running. My family has had lot of runners, so it's in her genes but only time will tell. I'm not going to force it but if she asks my opinion I'm certainly going to encourage her to do it again. Hey it will look good on a college transcript right?

(Running her first relay)

Emma wanted to run short distance more than anything. She said if she didn't get it she would quit. Oh no she wouldn't! We all prayed that she would get the events that would be best for her but in the end she got her wish. She runs in the 100 and 200 meter races. She also runs in the 4x1 relay and the 4x4 relay. She has a hard time pacing herself for the 400 meter run but we know she will get better.

(Heading back for another race? Who knows.)

I don't understand how the meets work. Our first one was last Thursday. I can't tell if they are competing as individuals or as a school. We have no clue who won what but we do know that she didn't win any of her heats. She stayed positive though and said it was a lot of fun.

(Emma and her buds waiting for an event)

I can tell that she is really enjoying the social aspect. She likes being part of a team. She loves to wear her track sweatshirt around home and school. It's also giving her confidence to try other things. (She says she is trying out for 9th grade basketball.)

(Getting ready for the last and hardest race, the 4 x 400)

I couldn't help but feel proud when she ran. I kept my composure (thank goodness for sunglasses) but I could have cried like a baby each time she ran. I get such a joy from seeing my children grow, mature, learn and experience life. I love watching them push themselves, improve and work hard. I know I'm early in the teen game but I will take my tween/teen any day over a toddler. I love my older kids!

(Still nervous)

(The hand-off)

(Run baby!)

(You go girl) 

We have a few more meets to go to. Maybe I'll learn more as the weeks go by. For now I'm just going to go, sit back and watch my baby girl run, socialize and smile.

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rlg said...

It is so much fun watching Emma! I truly love it. She is a jewel of a girl and you have every right to be so proud of her. I loved every stage you kids went through. Each stage I thought, Oh man this is the best.It only keeps getting better. Thanks for letting me come to the races. It is so exciting and fun.