Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Boys go to BYU

Saturday was an open scrimmage at BYU. Paul took Andrew down to see what it was like and they ended up having a fabulous time. They got to watch the team play/practice then they opened up the field (or I guess you could say they turned a blind eye to people entering the field) for people to meet the players. They got a lot of autographs and took a bunch of pictures. They felt pretty special having that kind of access to the team. All of the players were super nice to them, especially the freshman. I'm guessing the freshman are having as much fun signing autographs and being "stars" as Andrew and Paul had meeting them. Here are all the pictures I collected from Paul's phone and Andrew's Ipod. I'm so thankful to have a husband who takes the time to take his kids do these kinds of fun things. He's a great dad and I hope Andrew will always remember this special outing they had together. Next time I think we'll all go. I want a picture with Cosmo!

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rlg said...

Pretty cool! You and your children out blessed to have Paul. He is good man.