Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

There's a new place in town called Chubby's. If you haven't been, try it!

One of my resolutions for the last few years was to try someplace new at least once a month. Well I have been super bad about that. Even though I didn't make regular resolutions this year trying new places is still something I want to do.

Back in February we made it into Chubby's. I'd say it's been around for about a year. I had heard good things about it from Maggie but we just never went. (We don't have very many unique restaurants in our small little town. I love to try new place so you would think I would have been more excited but we just never made it in. More on that later LOL!)

My dad ended up going to lunch there during a work meeting and called me raving about it. He made me feel awful that we hadn't been to support it yet. Here's the thing, we have seen MANY eateries come and go from that location. I thought to myself, why go and fall in love only to have it go out of business? That's always heartbreaking. Anyway my parents were going to be here and my dad insisted we go out to Chubby's for dinner. As someone who is trying to change the way I eat (I've lost over 12 pounds now) I wasn't very excited to eat at a place that could be my nickname, but I went anyway.

It is super casual American food which is nice when you're eating with the kids. It's the kind of place you would find on Triple D or Man vs. Food. Maybe I need to email Guy Fieri. ; )

You walk up and order at the counter then pick your table. They have coupons (we had a buy one get one free burger coupon) so we were able to get a free burger since that is what Paul and Emma ordered. Paul would have had pulled pork but the smoker wasn't working so a free burger it was! Works for me.

I got a chicken and swiss. It wasn't as skinny as I had hoped (seriously though, why would a sandwich with swiss be skinny?) but it sure was good! Next time I'm going to splurge and eat what I want, a Philly Cheesesteak.

All the food was really good but here is where I got really impressed. Andrew ordered chicken wings. Something happened to his order. We're not sure what but it wasn't ready when the rest of our food was. The owner/server/dude who brings out food brought Andrew some chicken tenders with wing sauce on them (free of charge) so he would have something to eat with the rest of us. We thought that was awesome but it gets better. Andrew took a bite and did not like the wing sauce, it was too spicy. I hurry to the guy and asked if he could leave the wings plain since the sauce was a little hot. He said sure, they would be out soon. While we were waiting he brought out another basket of tenders without sauce so Andrew could have something to eat. He ended up with three baskets of chicken! Holy cow, talk about above and beyond. I was seriously so impressed with the way they treated us. I never ever expected that kind of service.

They have a Chubby's challenge

and this is the wall of people who had failed it.

If it's good enough for Jimmer it's good enough for us. 

My dad swears by the shrimp po boy. He even talked a lady in line into ordering it. We want to go again when the smoker is working. My dad said it was pretty crowded at lunch time and they only had a few open tables the night we went. I'll take that as a good sign that they are here to stay!

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rlg said...

It was good food. I'd like to go when the smoker is working too. I do love pulled pork.