Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Wax Museum

Andrew was Benjamin Franklin this year for the wax museum. We have a fabulous friend who was able to loan us almost his entire costume. She really came through! Thanks Beth. 

I love the wax museum and am honestly a little sad that this was my last one. This is not something we ever got to do in California. I really think this is a great opportunity for all the kids in the school to learn about some wonderful Americans. 

Originally Andrew wanted his group of buddies to all be Founding Fathers but that didn't work out. I was just glad that he chose Benjamin since that was the name of his great-grandMOTHER. How many kids can say that? LOL! 

He wrote his report all on his own and did a really nice job on it. The idea of the wax museum is they are frozen until someone (All the different grades get to take turns coming in and listening) hits their button and then they tell about "themselves" for about a minute. He didn't have a spiel memorized so each time I pushed his button I got different information. 

Here he is frozen.

I got a smile out of him though.

You have to see the whole costume. All the way down to the tights and foil buckles. 

Paul was able to come this year which was really nice.

Me and Ben handing out.

Andrew and his friend "Walt Disney". This pictures cracks me up. Walt had some issues getting his mustache to stick so his dad borrowed some double sided scrapbook squares from me. They kept applying them throughout the afternoon. There were so many at the end they were hanging out the bottom of his mustache. It looked like jagged teeth! It still makes me laugh. 

One last shot of Ben. Did you notice that he even has a pot belly? I love it! 

The teacher asked the kids to take everything out of their desks so they would be easier to carry to the gym. The classroom looked like a bomb had gone off! They had to stuff everything back in before they could go home. What a nightmare! 

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