Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Second Basketball Game, Better Than the First

Sooo, have I mentioned these games are hilarious? They really, truly are! The team we played against this week was a much better match for our girls. (I also heard some scuttlebutt on the other team from the week before. They have more girls than any other ward but only five super aggressive girls play because they take the game so seriously they scare away all the other girls. Nice right? That is EXACTLY the attitude you should have for church ball. NOT!) Anyhoo, this week was close. Super close. 

On a side note, I would love to know what our teams shooting percentage is. It has to be miserable. Both of the teams shot up air ball after air ball. I'm not judging, I couldn't do any better. It's just funny. Really funny. 

This picture is bad but I have one almost exactly like it from last year so I had to include it.

Emma is still waiting for her first basket of the year. She gets to play quite a bit but doesn't shoot much.

We only lost by one point. 

I don't know if this story is accurate or not but in Emma's head it is so I'm thinking it is. There were only a 20 seconds or so left in the game. We were up by one point. Our girls had the ball (it had gone out of bounds and they were getting ready to pass it back in.) when the other team called a time out. (This ref didn't follow the rules as strictly as some of the other refs. She didn't care that the team that WASN'T in possession called the time she granted it anyway. No biggie.) So when they came back to resume play the ref gave the ball to the other team even though we should have gotten it back. They went down and scored right before the buzzer thus winning them the game. 

Emma was sad because they should have gotten the ball back after the time out. She said her coach had even told them during the time out to just hold onto the ball when the game started again so they would win. I wasn't paying enough attention to know if this is how it all went down or not but she had enough details and frustration for me to believe that that is exactly what happened. Oh well. We will win one eventually. We have to, right? 

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rlg said...

Well, that does suck but at least they did finally win. It hurts when dumb mistakes are made that affect the game. Sorry for Emma Joi.