Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Basketball Saturday

Church ball has started again. Woot! This was their first game. There was a problem though. A big problem. They hadn't practiced. Not even once. It was a slaughter. It didn't help that the ref had a daughter on the other team either. So not fair. Whaaaaa! 

It was bad. No, more like awful. Our team actually scored eight points but really, does that make it better? I don't think so. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.  

Saturday afternoon Emma and Paul went to the BYU game again San Francisco. They got to use the new car flags. Emma almost lost one when she rolled down the window for some reason. Silly. 

After their game Andrew and I drove and met them in Orem. We got dinner at Rubio's then traded kids. Paul and Andrew went to see a UVU game with some friends. That's a lot of basketball games to go to in one day.

Saturday between basketball games we had a birthday party to go to. My friend/old roommate/ward member's husband turned 40 over the weekend. I took Andrew with me since Paul was gone. Sadly we didn't get to stay too long but I'm glad we went. 

We've all seen the 40 sucks or the 40 blows (with bubble gum) running around the internet/Pinterest right? Well this was my take on it. I thought it turned out pretty cute. I'm still wondering how it's possible that I have friends that are turning 40. That must mean that I am getting close. That can't be right. 


Andrea said...

Okay.. totally not fair the ref. had a daughter on the other team :) And I have the whole "30 sucks" lined up for my husband birthday :) I love reading your blogs.

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rlg said...

I love the 40 sucks thing. I've never seen it. Pretty cute! For me it will be 60 sucks!!! Can't believe that one at all. 60, oh me, oh my.