Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday January 14th was Such a Nice Day!

After Emma's basketball game I went to my quilt class. (Put a bullet in my head! What did I sign up for? I do not like this class one little bit.) When I got home Paul told me Andrew was having a friend over. I was thinking, "excuse me?" I had just had the stomach bug so the house was not in tip top shape. What was done was done though.

Devin came over and they boys started to play video games. By this point in the day we could tell is was going to be GORGEOUS! It had gotten into the 50's. We didn't want them indoors playing video games! Paul asked if they wanted to go to the skate park. They were so excited. We got permission from Devin's parents and all loaded up to play in the warm sun. When we first got there everyone went and played while Paul and I stayed in the car, with the windows down, working on our lessons.

Here are some pictures from the skate park.

After they kids had all the fin they could handle we went to In N Out for dinner. It was such a nice day I'm thrilled we got to be out enjoying it. 

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rlg said...

You guys are such good parents. You really are. The kids are blessed to have you.