Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Fall Break to Disneyland Day 1&2

Right before Emma's birthday I started seeing the ads on TV for Halloween Time at Disneyland. It had been two years since we had been (I actually thought it had been three years but I was wrong.) and I was having some serious withdrawals. I was still upset that we hadn't ever gotten to experienced Space Mountain's Ghost Galaxy. Of course the kids always want to go to Disneyland. 

After watching one of the commercials I texted Paul and said "I want to go to Disneyland!" That's how it all began. A few days later (after some bartering, research and planning) we had our reservations set. 

We were going to keep the trip a secret from the kids but that plan didn't last long. What we did manage to keep secret was where we were staying. We had booked a room in the Grand Californian. It was an AWESOME surprise. I video'd the kids when we pulled into the hotel and their reaction was priceless. I will always treasure that video. 

We decided to drive to California this time. We left Wednesday afternoon after checking the kids out of school a little early. We were going to stay in St. George for the night to break up the drive but decided to go on to Primm (two hours further down the road) so we could have more time in the park on Thursday. 

We stayed at Buffalo Bill's. 

Our room was $35 LOL! Check out that bed skirt. That is some sweet fabric. The beds were actually really new and nice but the carpet was a little funky. One thing we LOVED was the water pressure in the hotel shower. It was so strong. Dang I love that. 

Thursday morning we got up, had a healthy McDonald's breakfast and hit the road. We made the last few hours without any problems. We stopped for Rubio's for lunch. The kids were dying. They knew we were so close yet so very far away. After lunch we went to our hotel. This time the room was a little bit nicer. ; ) 

They gave the kids balloons and 1st visit buttons when we checked in. Look at the cute shower curtain. It was all Bambi stuff. Awww!

Here we are on our little balcony that overlooked the monorail and part of the California park.

I loved all the little extra goodies we had in the bathroom including a full sized bar of soap for the shower. It doesn't take much to make me happy. 

Once we got checked in had everything taken to our room (the service at that hotel was impeccable), we were ready to play! This is the only family picture we got and Andrew's face is in the weeds. 

Finally, we were back IN Disneyland.

After visiting with Minnie and going on the Buzz Lightyear year it was on to Space Mountain. I had unfinished business that I couldn't wait to resolve. 

Ghost Galaxy was quite awesome. Andrew and Paul loved it the most. I am so glad I got to experience it. It was a lot of fun to have a family favorite turned spooky for Halloween. 

We met with our Fairy Godmother...

Admired some of the tiniest details of the park...

Got a Dole Whip (I would love one RIGHT NOW!) from the Tiki Juice Bar...

We went to the Haunted Mansion...

Emma got her fortune...

And then we tried something new for dinner. 

I started with a non-alcoholic mint julep. 

Emma and I liked it. 

Andrew, not so much.

We got the pommes frites as an appetizer. They were totally yummy!

Paul and I ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich. He had eaten them before and tried to explain them to me but I just wasn't getting it. A ham sandwich with powdered sugar and jam? Hmmm, I wasn't so sure. I really didn't know how I was going to like it but holy cow it was so good!!! 

It was enormous. Paul and I could have easily shared it and had more than enough food. Live and learn. Emma ended up eating half of my sandwich (She didn't like the french onion soup too much. I thought it was good!) and I still got very full. I think that eating this will be a new park tradition.

We finished up our meal with Mickey Mouse Beignets. They were really good. Everyone loved them. I wanted to eat them again but never got the chance. There was a Jack Skellington chocolate coffin with blood berry sauce that I also wanted but I was so full I didn't order it that night. Unfortunately we never made it back to this restaurant. There were too many other things to try. Next Halloween...

Since it was a Thursday, the park closed early. We headed back to our hotel where the kids spent a little time in the pool and the hot tub. Even though it was only a half day we got a lot done and had a fabulous time. It really was a great, great day!

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rlg said...

I just love all you did. Wow, so cool, fun and life-time amazing family memories. So awesome!