Sunday, October 2, 2011

BYU vs. Utah State

We were able to get tickets to another football game! This time we had six tickets so Emma and Andrew each got to take a friend. 

We got to the game early enough to play games and win stuff from the sponsors. The most elaborate booth was by Xfinity. You could win all sorts of things and they had actors there in full costume. Pretty cool. The kids came away with very very mini footballs, t-shirts, a light wand and key chains. 

Emma and Jenna had to sit alone on the south west side of the stadium. Paul took them over and got them situated while the boys and I went and found our spots in the north end zone. We love sitting there. We are surrounded by a lot of fun people. The guy over Andrew's shoulder is the most fun. 

We were having a pretty good time but Utah was winning. It was close enough that there was some hope but we were getting worried. 

The last couple of minutes though everything turned around. There was some serious celebrating going on. Paul was high-fiving everyone near him. He was screaming and yelling like a mad man. 

BYU pulled off the win 27-24

Even after threats of arrest the fans still stormed the field. We were up too high. 

The win literally came in the last seconds of the game. Paul said it was too close. That kind of excitement is hard on his heart LOL! 

After the game we met up with the girls.

They snuck out of the field for a minute but I didn't get any pictures.

I think everyone had a great time. It was so fun for the kids to take their friends. 

Victory Pose! 

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rlg said...

They are all so cute! Glad it was an awesome time for all.