Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Flooding Again?

It looks like it. 

I took this picture a few years ago from the west side of the lake. 
This is Mount Timpanogos. It's the mountain we live...on? At the base of? Near? I'll go with on. Anyway, it's big and there is a lot of snow on it and it's in my backyard.

I got these stats from Wiki. Mount Timpanogos is the second highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Range. Timpanogos rises to an elevation of 11,749 feet (3,582 m) above sea level. (People climb it! It's actually on my bucket list. Am I crazy? Don't answer that!) Timpanogos is the 47th-most prominent mountain in the contiguous United States.

This is also Timp. At the base of one of the small canyons near our house is the retention basin (on the other side of the green hills) where spring run-off is collected. (This is where the kids and I often play in the water throwing rocks) This is a big spillway where extra water can escape over the top if needed. (I think?) Anyway, we had flooding in 2005. These are some pages I made back then that I thought I had lost in my hard-drive debacle. Luckily I had them stored on my computer also. 

This year there is a lot more snow/water in the mountains then there was then. The city is warning all of us to be prepared. They are also making sandbags available. Where our house is we shouldn't have any problems, but it will effect our friends and neighbors. 

Everything looks calm and normal right now but there is already a lot of water coming out of this little canyon and the snow hasn't even really started melting yet. As a matter of fact it is raining a lot. More and more snow is collecting

It's funny. We've been told we can use as much water as we want to water our lawns. Ummm, it's been raining several days each week. We don't need to water our lawns. If things warm up quickly we could have some serious problems. I'm hope we warm up gradually and all of this concern and sandbagging will be much ado about nothing. 

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