Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Andrew is Ten!

We can't believe our baby is now in the double digits. 

We began celebrating Andrew's birthday on Saturday. We had lunch at Texas Roadhouse with his grandparents. He chose Texas Roadhouse because he wanted a place where they made a big deal out of birthdays. Once we got there he was anxious to open his presents. 

He got a glow in the dark Hex Bug

This is him ready to say "YES!" when he saw that we got him Bucky Balls. It starts out as a cube that's made of a bunch of tiny magnets. They are all little balls that you can make into a million different things. We've all had a blast playing with it. 

He got to sit on the saddle while the whole restaurant yelled "Yee Haw!" 

He got a pogo-stick, a new swing seat and a Lego set from my parents. 

He got pis-cash-io's from Paul's parents. If you look closely there is something special rolled up in the jar. He loved it! 

Sunday he got a bookmark and a scripture marker at church and they sang to all the kids with April birthdays. 

We are out on spring break this week. Paul came home for lunch with pizza for all of us. After we were done eating Paul went back to work. I took the kids to Wal Mart so Andrew could spend his birthday money. (He had had it less than 48 hours LOL!) Then I took them to Yogurt Bliss for a little treat. Andrew actually got his yogurt for free since it was his birthday. 

We picked up his balloons that he had picked out and the "cake" he had me order at the grocery store next door. They gave him a Crunch bar since it was his birthday. This kid was on cloud nine. 

We had to wait for Paul to come home from work before we could officially celebrate. All afternoon Andrew kept asking when dad would be home. Finally he arrived and we headed out to Five Guys. It's where Andrew wanted to go for dinner. 

This sign cracked me up!

I got the small cheeseburger with mayo, mustard, ketchup and grilled onions. The onions were too large and not cooked enough (still crunchy) so I got those off and then it was quite good. I liked their fries a lot and I enjoyed the peanuts you get to munch on while waiting for the food.  

Andrew was really excited to get home after dinner so he could open the rest of his gifts. 

I did manage to get him in a picture with all the potatoes before we left. 

Here he is with the Lego that he bought with his birthday money. 

Andrew didn't want a cake this year. He wanted a maple bar and a Texas ring that made a number 10 so that's what I ordered for him. It was the cheapest cake we've ever had. Under two bucks! 

He had me buy trick candles and I wasn't allowed to tell Paul. 

Hey look the flames are coming back. 

Our house got really smokey. 

He got another Lego, two little remote control helicopters and some action figures.

Right now Andrew is into skateboarding, rip-sticking, Legos, action figures, pushing the limits and growing his hair. He is a funny little dude with a super strong personality. It's hard to get him to do something if he doesn't want to do it. I had to threaten him with no birthday if he wouldn't shower before we left the house. (He had been playing outside, he stunk to the high heavens and had mud all over his shoes and pants) Well he showered and then got dressed back in his dirty clothes and there was nothing I could do or say to get him to change into something clean before we went out. I'm pretty sure that he is going to make me an expert at the art of negotiation. With Andrew you really need to pick your battles or you could end up really...frustrated. The next several years are going to be interesting but I sure do love this guy. I am so happy he is part of our family. 


Wingnut said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I love that idea for a cake!

And Halo action figures? OH my! My son would love those!

Our boy will be officially a teen this year (late June). I'm having serious trouble with absorbing all the changes that have been going on in recent months.

Where did our babies go???

Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

So fun!!! Happy birthday andrew!

rlg said...

So happy that you had a good birthday. Looks like your day was very special and awesome just like you!

Debbie said...

Mignonne, I didn't realize that your son Andrew and my granddaughter Marley were so close in age. Marley will be 10 in May. I had to chuckle at your description of Andrew at this age. I used to have such a hard time with my son and his "church clothes" at this age. LOL!