Sunday, January 24, 2010

sNoW FuN !!!

Out of the 10 Can't Miss Photos suggested for January, four were snow related. It's funny, we hadn't gotten hardly any snow (I'm not complaining) so I started improvising with pictures of the inversion, deer, kids playing with Christmas toys etc.

In the last two nights we've probably gotten 6-8 inches of snow in our backyard so today was declared picture day LOL!

Here is Andrew jumping off the swing-set into the snow.
Then Emma took a turn.
Then it was time for a snowball fight.

Glamour Shots LOL!

Jumping again.
Emma made a snow-womanIsn't she cute?
We gave her a boob-job. Now she is a Californian snow-woman.
Gorgeous, clear, blue sky.

Time to warm up with cocoa.
We all had fun playing outside for a while.


Wingnut said...

It *looks* like it was fun! Love that snow lady :P

What list are you working from (i.e., activites each month)?

Kerry McKibbins said...

Fun pics! Your kids are adorable.

rlg said...

Looks like so much fun. What a cute snowlady. Love it.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

What fun -- and what great kids! Love the snow man -- those days are priceless!!

MamaBug said...

Fun!! I want to mug your daughter for her cocoa. I'm going sugar-free M-F and the sight of it is making my stomach growl. ;)