Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Girl's Camp 2012

Emma's Best Camp Ever! 

This year Emma's secret sister liked purple, candy with peanut butter in it, things that glowed, the value Good Works and root beer. We had so much fun putting together her little gifts. Well actually I did.

I found this purple but swatter that I thought could be handy at camp but I also thought it could be weird. I asked some peas for help to make a cute tag, I filled the bag with purple candy and a purple nail polish. 

We were "rooting" for her to have a great time a camp (or something along those lines)

 Peanut Butter M&M's = Delish

This was more candy and glow sticks.

It was perfect that Good Works' scripture was about light. 

I hope she liked her goodies. 

After making the treats we got down to the serious packing. The sleeping bag, life vest, mattress pad, etc etc all went into this garbage bag. 

We met at the church Monday morning. Everyone was excited to go!

It was a big group! 

Emma got to ride with all of her besties. One is missing in the picture but she was there later.

This year I got to go up to camp for one morning. I was so excited when I was asked to come. I taught a group about Integrity and tried to get them to pass off as many of the projects as possible. It wasn't the most fun for the girls but it was effective. We accomplished a lot. 

This is the group I got to work with. Sorry about the icky picture but they were all awesome.

I couldn't help but laugh when I got up to the campground. It was up near Logan, about a two hour drive. They had only been there two days but it looked like a shanty town that people had been living in for months. They hit that campground and they hit it hard. There was crap everywhere! I was so excited that I got to experience her life even if it only was for an hour or two. 

There were tons of chairs.

Cups hanging from the trees.

Emma showed me a giant moth they had found.

The trees were their drying racks.

Their tent was on a hill so they would all be down at the bottom of the tent each morning.

Rocks covered in wet and dirty clothes.

Little lights in the trees

Posters with their camp theme

 Mirrors LOL!

They had an awesome meal board so they knew what food there was to eat each day.

This was the serving/cleaning/dish hanging area. We came right as breakfast was getting cleaned up.

These bags held all of their dishes etc.

This is where the secret sister gifts get dropped

This bridge crossed the pretty river and took you to the outhouses.

It was beautiful up there and I loved their camp spot.

This is Emma's tent. She loved her tent and everyone in it. They had so much fun.

Working on their camp books getting everything passed off.

Jenna's mom rode up with me and re-braided her hair while we were there. 

There was a moose near camp and the girls wanted us to see it. They took us for a little walk but we never saw the moose. Boo! Emma did though, she's lucky like that.

I guess the moose lives in the brush on the right side of the river. 

The girls that came on the walk with us started posing on rocks so of course I took pictures. 

This was the road that we drove in on. There were so many cars it was hard for me to turn around for us to leave.

Lunch was being served right as we got back from our walk. They served sea dogs. They looked rather nasty so Karen (another friend that rode up with me) and I decided we were leaving and we would get lunch at Maddox on the way home. 

This is darling Nicole. I love her. I was her primary teacher last year. We bonded. I want to steal her and keep her. He mom says no. Bugger. 

It was hard leaving my sweet Emma behind but I did because I knew Maddox pie was calling my name. I was so thankful for the opportunity to go up and experience what Emma experiences. It was so good to see her and to see camp. Those wonderful leaders work their butts off and really make this a special and spiritual experience. 

Karen and I made it to Maddox where we had a great time eating at their drive-in. We're already talking about when we can go back for more. 

The next afternoon the girls got home all dirty, tired and smelly. Emma said she was in a junk food coma. Thanks Brother Walker for buying them all junk food at the gas station.

She couldn't wait to shower but I made her let me take some pictures first before she washed off all the filth.


When these girls go to girls camp they camp. There are no cabins, no flushing toilets, no showers. They work and they work hard. They set the tents up, they take them down, they help cook and they help clean. I could never do what she does. I hated camp but she loves it and I love that about her. 

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Oh my!What pictures! I can't even imagine camping like that even for a few days. Beautiful area and fun fun pictures of sweet Emma! Thanks for sharing.