Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Home Evening

On July 2nd we had Family Home Evening at David and Nancy's. This was the first time the kids had ever seen Miriam. Paul and I got to see her for about an hour back in March when she was just teeny tiny. Emma did really well with all the kids. Andrew needs to learn more patience. 

It proved impossible to get all the cousins to look at the camera at once.

While we were outside the kids wanted to play duck duck goose. I wasn't interested in playing at all but there were several people who were much better sports than I was. I sat and watched Kellen work on his cake and ice cream. He would run around then plop down to shovel in some of the good stuff. He was hilarious to watch. 

I have these pictures of John when he was little eating ice cream and making a wonderfully horrendous mess. Kellen looks rather clean after looking at these. In a few years it will be Miriam's turn. 
Okay Mere? Let's set a date and make it happen!


rlg said...

Very cute children.

Elder and Sister Gardner said...

Thanks for the cute pictures of all of the kids!