Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break 2012

This year we didn't think we were going to get go anywhere for fall break. It was a depressing though, especially since the kids had an extra day off this year. Paul and I did a little looking around and decided to do something small and simple. We booked a few nights in Jackson Hole, Wy. I had never been so I was very excited. The kids were up for anything. 

We left Wednesday night with the plan of staying at my parent's that night so we were an hour closer to  our destination. Ever since we bought our new car last year it has had a TPMS light that is always coming on. We've taken it to the dealer and they fix it each time but it still comes on. We've decided to ignore it for the most part. 

As we hit Salt Lake City on our way up to my parent's a new light came on. Paul figured it was just something else and planned to ignore it. I got out the manual and read that it meant that the tire was significantly under inflated and that we should pull over immediately. 

Paul got off the freeway, drove through downtown for a while until we got somewhere "safe" and then pulled over. We got out and watched the tire flatten right before our eyes. I have no idea how we drove on it so long. I'm going with a miracle. 

We called roadside assistance and my parents. My parents got there first and took all of our stuff including the children. We sat in our dark car in downtown with sketchy people walking by for TWO HOURS waiting for assistance. We could have changed the tire ourselves but we would have been putting ourselves at risk on a busy road in a not so nice area. Finally we got help and got to my parents at close to midnight.

Thursday morning we took the tire to my uncles shop and found out the tire was ruined. We had run over a razor blade and it sliced right through the tire. It left a gash about four inches long before it imbedded into the tire. That was an unexpected expense that we had NOT planned on. The tires had less than 10,000 miles on them and were in perfect shape, except for the razor. We put on our happy face and made the best of the situation. What else can you do? 

After getting our car all fixed up we hit the road. We drove through Idaho Falls on the way up. I had never been there before. We stopped at the temple and went through the visitor's center there. It was a nice break in our drive.

After we were done in the visitor's center we went to the other side of the river to see the falls. 

They had a bunch of fun benches in the park that the kids had fun with.

Another fun bench. This one was a double sided horse.

It was time to hit the road again. It was beautiful seeing all the fall leaves.

We arrived at our hotel safe and sound. It was very pretty! We weren't sure what to expect when we booked it. The website didn't have a lot of information so we were very pleasantly surprised.  

We loved the fire pits out front!

The decor inside the hotel was just what I expected for a Jackson Hole hotel. The lobby had a coffee/hot chocolate bar that the kids immediately put to use. They love their hot chocolate! 

Our room was super nice, exceptionally clean and very new looking. I was so relieved! 

We headed into town for dinner and exploring. It was so cute. There were a ton of fun stores and of course the famous antler arches on the corners of town square. This corner was lit up for breast cancer awareness month. It was so pretty!

We went back to the hotel where the boys tested the out the hot tub and Emma and I drank hot cocoa by the fire.

It didn't take long before the boys were joining us. It was such a gorgeous evening! 

We finally went back inside and got to bed. We were all very excited to see the parks in the morning!

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