Wednesday, October 10, 2012

August 1st-Goodbye Boston

Our flight home left from Boston. We left New Hampshire and made our way back to Boston. The kids wanted to climb the Bunker Hill Monument but we didn't think we'd have time. We stopped and let them look around but our time was limited. They were sweeping the streets soon and our car was going to get towed if we didn't leave.

They went up 100 stairs before they turned around and came back down. We headed back to Quincy Market for some lunch. I had to have one last lobster roll!

Emma got her favorite, clam chowder.

Andrew is in a real picky stage right now so he had a burger and fries.

Even though this doesn't look as pretty as my other lobster roll it was actually my favorite. The roll was really crispy and flaky. It was delicious!!!

Some shots inside the market.

You can't waste the best part ; )

We wandered around doing some last minute souvenir shopping. No one wanted to leave. 

Somehow we ended up back at Mike's Pastry's. 

We had to get some to go! 

This was our final stop. There were some more souvenirs that we wanted at the museum gift shop. After that it was time to go home. Sad, sad day. 

We had such a wonderful trip. The kids are still talking about it almost two months later. They say Boston is their favorite place. They loved everything about it. Paul and I are trying to figure out how/when we can go back. 

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rlg said...

Such fun times for you and your family. Love your pictures!